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Attract The One Who Adores You

MasterClass to Accelerate Your Path to SOULMATE Love

  • Understand THE 3 KEY influencers in LOVE Attraction that specifically call in soulmate love (feel butterfiles!) 
  • LEARN the 3 biggest FLAWS in your MAN list. (These are like WARTS on your love vision--->ick! Let's me give you the miracle cream.) 
  • Where to find REALLY quality GUYS right now. (This is cosmic stuff & not about standing around Home Depot.) 

Meet Macy, your Big Happy Love Coach

Macy has discovered the sweet spot of attracting LOVE, leveraging a combination of her leadership corporate change management expertise, creative exploration, Intuitive/Energy Healing, Kundalini yoga/meditation and other radical proven technologies for transformation. Her trainings and programs have helped 100's of women ignite their love vibe and not only find their soulmates, but fall totally in love with themselves.